Regular Instruments in Various Places

RIIVP is our little experiment in making recordings in less-than-ideal environments and embracing all the goodness that comes with it. By goodness, we of course mean all the lovely noise and ambience that’s usually considered unwanted. We took our bells, ukulele, violin, and flute outside and recorded them in various locations like city streets, parking garages, and urban plazas. Then we took some of the recordings and processed them further with our 4-tracks and modular systems.

RIIVP contains 74 samples (74 x 24-bit WAV & 74 x 16-bit WAV files with root notes in names), works in any sampler of your choice, and pairs beautifully with Tapes.01, especially now since the 1.6.1 update lets you time-stretch user samples and tempo-sync swarm mode, making it easy to create rhythmic soundscapes.

We’d be thrilled to hear what you think about these sounds. Also, feel free to check out the video below showing how we used Tapes.01 with samples from RIIVP to create this short piece.